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Brand storyBRAND STORY


Brand storyBrand story

When the shoe industry was in a state of low development, the company launched its counterattack 15 years ago. The company uses new materials and efficiency, designed more than 200 new, unique, fashionable, comfortable high-end products put on the market, that produced a great shock, by domestic and foreign consumers welcome and praise. Its "Bo Sheng Long" and "Bo Sheng Feng" (the first pure gold logo in China) high-end leather men's and women's shoes were snapped up at the Expo, and supply was in short supply. The newly developed "wrinkle-free leather shoes" have attracted great attention from customers at home and abroad, and have expressed their demands for agency and marketing.

Company ProfileCompany profile

The shoe is located in Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, which has the world's processing plant. Is a professional research and development, design, production, sales of high-end men and women's brand shoes in the emerging footwear company. Subordinate shoe material factories provide new materials for shoemaking, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development and competitive advantage. The company has independent intellectual property rights and core technology, has obtained eight national invention patents, an international patent, 19 utility model patents and design patents. The company acquired Italy fashion shoes brand BOSHENG, and registered ten brand names in China.


Brand CultureBrand culture

1、Study diligently, think more, dare to challenge, advance with the times, and become independent and self reliant.。
2、With logic, we should follow the law and grasp the essence.。
3、Innovation and change, positive and enterprising; be vigilant in peace and danger and strive for self-improvement.
4、Integrity is responsible, efficient and rigorous; pursuit of excellence and pursuit of perfection.
5、Being a man is the foundation, heaven rewards diligence, dedication, love and work.
6、Break through the ego, dare to be the first; concentrate on research and perseverance.


Bosheng business philosophyBusiness philosophy

1.Keep competitive advantage, prepare for war, prepare for war only, and when business opportunities arrive, you will naturally grasp them.
2.Unremitting efforts to do things, unexpected gains are not far away.
3.Sincere and friendly heart to customers, return is bound to come.
4.Recognition, trust and cooperation can last long.
5.As long as you are willing to do well and want to do well, there will be ways to do well and accomplish everything you want. Everything has its regularity and particularity and variability. It is positive to face it and be brave to play it. Self confidence accomplishments everything.
6.When participating in the competition, we should make full preparations, make use of superior resources and give up investment, aim accurately, act decisively and leave no gap to the opponent.
Primary goal
Build independent high-end brand, and build my national self-confidence. Chinese shoe makers who export 140 pairs of shoes each year earn face and win the market. Luxury is not luxury, high-end brands are close to the people. Let the whole world know: Bo Sheng quality, made in China!


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