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Suit not serious wear | well, pay attention to!

Release time:2018-12-11 From:Guangdong Bo Sheng Shoes Co., Ltd.

Wear suits like "super living in a small room, only to create details in the specification frame; leisure suit grew, breaking up their standard used to see Sao, tired of always in Western dress and leather shoes? Tired of watching every day of the suit and tie shoes? There is no thought to tie off trousers, leather shoes? Change? Today we have to make suits and other items' look at how a suit is "not serious".

NONONO! Don't think this "not serious"!

Denim shirt + suit

The underwear Waichuan Superman, this suit wearing denim shirt. The same is denim jeans material, compared to the "docile" jeans streaks of more tough, although it is put in a suit, but can not stop his unruly tough. A tip: we want to show ordinary dress shirts 3-4 cm denim shirt cuffs, we can not take the unusual way, the cuff directly turn to the suit, the details in place, to be wearing it!

Suit + leisure sports shoes

Suit clothes and sports shoes of the two single product quality difference to 1000 could combine together in the dress dress? Will there Master dare not what can not! Want to wear good color collocation, have to pay attention: Grey & grey blue, white, light brown linen & & color to dark purple, in short have put together a harmonious gray. Understand this, I believe you will mix more well more reckless".

Suit + Hat Scarf

In early spring cold to wear a suit? Don't want to put on the early heavy coat? Can improve the coefficient of warm hat scarf. Since it is beautiful "cold war", the suit fabrics also have stress, tweed is a good choice, but also to take care of the thick hat scarf texture. The use of color again next time, the suit can also wear warm male homosexuality.

Suit + T-shirt

Suit collocation T-shirt, no collar naturally can abandon the tie bound. T-shirt, short sleeved summer, spring and autumn can be sleeved and jacket, color harmony. Then, a scarf, collar has a style. Collocation points: to simplify, cool and comfortable.

Suit + jeans

All-match jeans with a formal suit, in the pursuit of comfort. Compared with trousers, jeans to erase the edges a bit more sharp suit, more affinity street. The trousers rolled up again is more stylish is a plus. As for the shoes, pants, jeans on, also need to be able to wear what shoe? With you like.

Suit + overalls & camouflage pants

Tooling and camouflage two the very own style of a single product, to suit will take out what we see with the spark?. The style is too strong, we chose dark suit jacket to town a town, with a big shoes pants to make it grow, who enjoy was stirring in yourself!

Suit + Wide Leg Pants & trousers waist

High waist pants, wide leg trousers also do not have a style, want to successfully navigate also needs some skill.

If you love retro style, can try high waisted trousers, retro atmosphere could not stop.

Suit + boots

Not necessarily suit with leather shoes, can also help high boots! Boots with trousers, trousers and upper connected, smooth lines more pants straight, want to start to try black suit and a pair of boots Chelsea is a good choice.

Suit + shorts

A mix of most loved to come! You want to take into account the summer cool and tough, try shorts + jacket. Shorts slightly shorter than the knee, and coat length ratio, or it will be the beginning of the article "yaoezi". Or you can choose the color and take a T-shirt or shirt, tie is not a problem, it is important to the summer sun could not stop confident and handsome!

Suit + casual pants

Casual pants from the version on the most close to the stiff trousers, slim. The light color and material texture is more gentle than trousers lukewarm, is a modified leg type excellent single product. Khaki Navy collocation concise camel ride, with tweed do not have a retro flavor.

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