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How to avoid wearing high heels cause foot deformation!

Release time:2015-12-18 From:Guangdong Bo Sheng Shoes Co., Ltd.

Often wear high heels, resulting in the big toe next to the deformation of the bones, and sometimes big toe will feel very numb no perception, how should we avoid this kind of situation?

Wear high-heeled shoes for a long time will cause the hallux valgus, foot blood circulation, toe Ma, forefoot pain and other symptoms.
The skeleton of the big toe of the foot is a typical symptom of the thumb. In fact, this is a kind of bone hyperplasia.

Because the foot long withstand the pressure of the body, and the pressure on the front foot, so long bones should adapt to the pressure and deformation, of which there are genetic factors, but more or high heels problem.

How to prevent and solve such problems?
The current solution is to wear high heels without wearing high heels.
If you must wear it, it must not be worn again, let your feet have a moderate time.
To wash their feet with hot water at home, and enhance blood circulation. But the thumb can not be relieved, if you continue to wear high heels, the bones of the proliferation will become large.
Become more serious when you can go to the hospital department of orthopedics to do a small operation, the proliferation of bone removed, but if you want to continue to wear high heels, the bone will continue to proliferate, this can not be avoided.

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