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Footwear maintenance should remember this "gold four points"

Release time:2015-12-18 From:Guangdong Bo Sheng Shoes Co., Ltd.

The maintenance of shoes seems to have been a lot of people's attention, so the same pair of shoes, some people can wear a few years, but some people can only wear a few months, the key lies in the problem is that the shoes have no maintenance. So as long as the regular maintenance of the shoes we wear, the longer the life of the shoes. Next, come to understand the next shoe maintenance knowledge.

First point:
In the purchase of shoes, we have to choose a pair of shoes suitable for foot type, the number of shoes, shoes, if too small, if the shoes are often crowded and make shoes easy to bad, the foot is also easy to hurt, shoes too big to walk posture can cause shoes easily broken.
Second points:
To regularly clean the shoes, but when cleaning shoes should also pay attention to methods, not fierce brush with the brush, otherwise easy to make the shoes vamp lost the original style, can use wet cloth swab can be.

Third points:
If the shoes because things get dirty, do not wipe clean with a damp cloth, wet shoes to wash it, we must be careful not to use detergent, water can be used as good, if not wash clean, with special cleaning shoes. When the sun can be put in the newspaper to maintain the appearance of shoes, and let the shoes dry naturally, to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking, otherwise it is easy to deformation and fade.
Fourth points:
In fact, shoes and others need a rest, not every day wearing the same pair of shoes, the shoe must have at least two or three pairs of shoes in the six round of replacement, such shoes can be maintained. At the same time shoes maintenance instructions and, on different occasions to wear different shoes, like running shoes when you choose not to wear shoes, running shoes, sandals, shoes, so easily broken.
These are the four points of the most basic footwear maintenance, remember that they can extend the long life of your shoes oh!

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