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How to clean snow boots and seasonal storage!

Release time:2015-12-18 From:Guangdong Bo Sheng Shoes Co., Ltd.

Has a thick soft fur of the snow boots, this year has been much loved by everyone. Soft and warm snow boots can also all-match clothes, but because of the thick pilose, ugg boots is also very difficult to clean, today Xiaobian to introduce the method of cleaning the snow boots.

1, first used to brush the dust on the shoe boots in the dirt, the shoe cylinder stuffed with newspaper or hard to fix the shoe, in order to clean up.
2, and then the decontamination agent on the cloth to rub evenly, remember not to pour on the upper, which may produce a color spot. With the extension of good emulsification Polish dry, and then waxing. Large area evenly coated inclined plane, avoid small area, or will have to consider the. Then use the brush brush the remaining oil to the upper cylinder at high boots, let the boots can be maintained.
At the end of 3, with a clean cloth to wipe a little boots, maintenance work will be accomplished.
4, the inside of the shoe can be soaked with liquid detergent, and then wash.

In the winter, generally two to three weeks of snow boots can be cleaned inside and out. In the time of the season, also take care of the snow boots in order to wear comfortable next year. How to receive the snow boots? Let's take a look at it.
1, after cleaning wipe the shoe polish. The dirt and dust boots clean, and then rub on the shoe polish.
In 2, in boots moisture, deodorant, can absorb moisture, avoid the boots for a long time after, have produced the damp mildewy, smelly situation.

 3, the most afraid of boots by extrusion deformation in a storage time, so in the cylindrical rubbing growth or the use of any newspaper, can effectively prevent the deformation of the original shape of the fixed boots.
4, boots of again in the dust bag, to avoid the dust attached to the surface or inside the boots, remember not to mouth sealed, leaving a small gap for ventilation, to avoid hot and humid.
5, finally put the boots in a shoebox, placed in a cool well ventilated place, pay attention to the point can also be placed in the shoe box moisture-proof desiccant, remember to regularly take out on the maintenance of shoe polish.

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